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Creating your First Campaign

Are you new to INTENTLY and wondering how to set up your first discount campaign?

Look no further! In this blog post, we'll guide you through the easy steps to creating your first campaign with Intently and start boosting your sales today.

Lets begin !!! 🎬


Ensure steps mentioned are complete and Visibility Status is 'Active' in Settings Page of in Intently Dashboard.

Step 1 : Go to INTENTS in Intently Dashboard.

Step 2 : Click on "Create Campaign" button for Welcome Customer's Intent

Step 3 : Fill information in the fields

  • Campaign Name : Name of Campaign

  • Discount Prefix : Prefix for Discount you want to create. Should be unique as All discounts are unique in Shopify

  • Discount Value : Type of Discount -> Percentage or Amount

  • Start Time : Start Time of Campaign. Incase you want campaign to start immediately, click on 'Now' in DateTime Picker which opens on click of Start time value field

Once done, click on "Next: Setup Display Widget" button

Step 4 : Display fields will be Auto Populated with widget details.

Feel free to change details as per your store theme:

  • Background Colour : represents background colour of widget

  • Primary Text and Secondary Text: represents text displayed in widget

  • Font Colour, Size and Family of Primary Text and Secondary Text

  • All changes will be reflected in Preview Section.

Also, do explore our pre-defined templates which can help you create beautiful widgets for your store ❤️

Once done, click on "Save Campaign" button

Step 5 : Visit your Store and Login/Sign up with a New Customer.

As we choose "Welcome Customer" Intent, it will be displayed to customers who have Signed Up for your store but, NOT YET placed an order.

Explore other Intents for handling more use cases

Congratulations !!! You have just created your first campaign.


How to set Countdown Timer / Claimed Deal Tracker in Discounting Widgets ?

In Step 4, click on Advanced settings and under Urgency Settings you will get an option to Activate and Countdown Timer / Claimed Deal Tracker

Can I set Countdown Timer for 15 mins ?

How to control which page we show the Discounting Widget on website ?

Can I edit my Campaign ?

How to Stop Ongoing Campaign ?

Can I schedule campaigns in advance?

Can I cancel a scheduled campaign ?

Creating campaign from scratch is easy but, can I Duplicate earlier campaigns ?

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